Social Technographics Ladder & Online Engagement

The Social Technographics Profile is a categorization of the different groups of Internet/Social Media users.

The creators are the most active participants on the Internet. They are constantly creating blog(post)s, websites, videos, audio and / or other content.

Conversationalists were added to the model after the publication of Groundswell. This group is also creating, but only to facilitate communication and dialogues. They want to express themselves through status updates. This relates to recognition or trying to start a conversation or discussion regarding a chosen topic.

The critics are the opposite of the conversationalists. This group responds to status updates, blogs, websites, news, forums, products and services. For creators and conversationalists, this group is an essential one to maintain online interaction. However, there is a significant overlap in these three segments (creators, critics and conversationalist).

The collectors use online resources to absorb lots of information, or to express their preferences without responsing matter-related, as critics do. RSS feeds, Twitter aggregators and other tools are important tools for this group of Social Media users.

The joiners are present at Social Media websites to maintain their own profile and their relationship circle. They also absorb information to upgrade their own knowledge, but to a lesser extent than the collectors do.

The spectators are just viewing from a distance. They are getting information, but are using it only for increasing knowledge about topics, friends, celebrities, etc. There is no active participation. This group has no need to get actively involved in creating or conversing.

The inactives are not present on Social Media. Or they may be present but aren’t doing anything at all

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